Maximize Your Home Sale in Lake Norman: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Closing Costs and Selling Strategically

In competitive markets, a home that lingers on the market might prompt the seller to offer a concession towards the buyer’s closing costs, providing an added incentive. While this practice can make your home more appealing, it’s essential to have a skilled Realtor® who can help you sell your home quickly to avoid resorting to such measures.

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The Best Time To Sell Your House Is When Others Aren’t Selling

If you’re thinking about selling your house, you should know the number of homes for sale right now is low. That’s because, this season, there are fewer sellers listing their houses for sale than the norm. Looking back at every April since 2017, the only year when fewer sellers listed their homes was in April …

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Key Factors Affecting Home Affordability Today

Every time there’s a news segment about the housing market, we hear about the affordability challenges buyers are facing today. Those headlines are focused on how much mortgage rates have climbed this year. And while it’s true rates have risen dramatically, it’s important to remember they aren’t the only factor in the affordability equation. Here …

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How Owning a Home Builds Your Net Worth

Owning a home is a major financial milestone and an achievement to take pride in. One major reason: the equity you build as a homeowner gives your net worth a big boost. And with high inflation right now, the link between owning your home and building your wealth is especially important. If you’re looking to increase your financial security, here’s …

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Investing in real estate can be a great alternative to traditional investments and many owners choose to rent out their property. Here are some of the top benefits for getting into this line of business! Increase over time. Money being put towards real estate investments has increased substantially over the past few years. This is due …


Upsizing Your Home: Read this first

Know your why, the motivation for a bigger home. Is it necessary to move to fulfill your desire? Know what lifestyle you want to live, can you afford (preapproved from your lender) the upsize and maintain this lifestyle? Envision yourself in this bigger home, do you have a vision for the extra space? Or do you simply just “feel” like more space would be better? Knowing your why, will help you envision how you want your home to be. If you’ve decided that it’s time to upsize, make a game plan. Are you going to sell first, or buy first? Reach out to me to discus

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