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Providing Exceptional Service

I pride myself on providing, not ordinary, but extraordinary service.

If someone wanted to buy your home, would you sell it? Find out its value in the current market.

Lake Norman home for sale

Seller’s Agent

Providing you with free 52 point checklist to prepare your home and calendar to keep you up to date on all things happening to get you to the closing table.

A thorough market analysis to price your home to sell fast and for the most money!

Staging tips and advice! Photography and video tour to be marketed all over the Social Media, home search sites and search engines.

Providing you with feedback from showings to improve your sale-ability along the way. Negotiating offers and continually updating you throughout the whole process.

Door Mat, representing buy a Lake Norman home

Buyer’s Agent

I have a network of highly reputable professionals by my side to get you through each and every step. From preparing your finances through to the closing table.

I will share with you a home buying checklist so you can follow along during the whole process. I want you to know what is to happen next to always be prepared.

real estate consultation image.

Advice and Tips

Be sure your home has the best potential to sale. Get advice on easy staging technique, DIY landscaping, and DIY home decor. A lot of the times, we can work with what you have. Keep in mind, less is more!

Some Highlights

  • According to trending data, searches for key real estate topics are skyrocketing online.
  • Clearly, lots of people have questions about buying a home, and other topics related to the process.
  • Working with a trusted real estate professional will help you create the most personalized and helpful experience. Let’s connect so you have the guidance you need along the way.
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