Your Home Value Estimate May Not Be Right

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It’s no secret, Zillow is an extremely popular tool for homeowners and buyers. What you should know is that Zillow pulls local sold data that might not be in the same community or neighborhood as your property, which can significantly change the value estimate. Especially here in the Lake Norman area, where one home might be within a mile of you and of similar size + quality, but has a better or worse location (i.e. Lake front vs Not).

Zillow hasn’t seen your home, or your upgrades, or the updates you’ve made. Allow me to come see your home so I can properly evaluate:

  • Size of the home
  • Condition
  • Updates + Upgrades
  • Features
  • Neighborhood + Community Amenities
  • Lifestyle
  • And any other factors that could affect the value
Truth is….

A home sells for what the market calls for. Zillow doesn’t set the price, and neither does your agent. The true market value of a property is what someone will pay for it. Let’s get as close to that price as possible.

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