As technology continues to evolve year over year, new products hit the market that help make our lives easier. Check out these few amazing innovations that can assist you in the kitchen!

This handy appliance is an electric pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, warmer, and more. It’s compatible with Alexa and connects to WiFi, allowing you to access more than 1,000 recipes, control cook settings, and check on your meal’s progress with their free app or voice assistant.

By pairing this smart coffee maker with an Echo Dot, your morning routine becomes a little easier. Ask your Alexa app or the smart speaker to start brewing up to 12 cups of coffee, switch between regular or bold brew, or turn the coffee maker off.

Not a coffee fan? Not to worry, we have you covered. “The customizable water Temp feature allows you to select any temperature between 68 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for connoisseurs who drink an assortment of hot drinks, this feature ensures that the water is the ideal temperature for your favorite.”

Combining the power of this air fryer with the Echo Dot, use the voice assistant or the VeSync app to cook your favorite meals or choose from 100 pre-programed recipes.

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