10 Things to Spark Imagination and Beat Boredom for Kids at Home

Spark your child’s curiosity and imagination with these activities.

1 If your kiddos are anything like mine, they LOVE Minecraft!Why not create Minecraft fun for hands on play?! Check this post on how.

2 Kids love cardboard, am I right? Get creative and help your kids build their very own doll house! Use cute paper for the wallpaper, string and glue for a chandelier. You can get ideas here.

3 Have your kids every played Mancala? Why not create your own with an egg carton and jelly beans or skittles?! See how this mom created an Egg Carton Mancala Game here.

4 This one sparks my interest. Build a twig raft for a stream, puddle, or even the bathtub! Get ideas on how here.

5 Magic! What child doesn’t want to be a magician of some sort? Here are some easy magic tricks for kids.

6 Try a creative freeze dance to any song, with the freeze pose being a fun yoga pose for kids! I myself LOVE this. The kids really make it fun with many laughs involved. See some easy yoga poses for kids here.

7 Paper fidget spinners! Rock Candy! and more! Check this link to find out how. Keep kids entertained first by making their own fidget spinner, to then enjoying playing with their creation.

8 This is a great one for curious toddlers at home. Make a sensory bag with hair gel and googly eyes or other fun items. Get ideas here.

9 Ahoy Matey! Let’s make Pirate Sensory Bottles with sequins, beads, glue, and jewels. Ye can See them in action and learn how here.

Last but NOT least. Let’s be spies in our own house or yard. Create your own laser maze, secret storage box, and invisible ink. Get ideas here.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Now it is time to get creative. Ready, Go!

Get Creative, let your imagination flow. You may just have one of the best ideas that could help so many other people in the world!

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