Home and Change

Home has a different ring to it these days, doesn’t it? With the ride of “The Year 2020,” home has become a place for EVERYTHING! From meshing all things in life together, you’ve got the Roomba walking the cat and or even your baby. Then you’ve got your kids setting up obstacles courses throughout the house all while you are juggling phone calls and zoom meetings. Did you forget about being your children’s personal assistant during the school year too?! “Hey Sweetie, you’ve got a zoom meeting at noon, lunch to follow, and a one on one call with Susie at 2:00.”

Point being, through all of this have you realized it’s time for a change? Are you ready for less house and more vacation? (well, when it is safe to do so). Maybe you need a bigger home now that you’ve learned your family will be growing in the upcoming months. (you know, you’ve been home and what else are you going to do?) 😉

So now what? Well first, are you a renter and will this be your first home purchase? Or have you lived in your home 2 or more years? Either way, you may qualify for an FHA (federally housing administration) loan. The FHA provides mortgage insurance on loans made by FHA-approved lenders throughout the United States and its territories. These loans are less risky for lenders and therefore require less down payment. (as low as 3.5% down if your credit score is over 580) There are restrictions and specific requirements for obtaining an FHA-insured loan. See Charts Below.

With FHA having higher loan limits and rates being low, you may qualify for more house for less cost! Find out if you qualify, fill out my contact form and I will get you in touch with my trusted lender. 🙂 Contact Me

ℹ For more detailed information about FHA Loans, Visit my FHA-Guide

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